Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 16

Yes, it’s time for another Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 16 was rife with nostalgia, but the biggest and best item was definitely an amazing Art FX Harley Quinn statue, which was an absolutely epic find for a flea market! She’s gorgeous and I’m in so much love, but she wasn’t the only item we found in this week’s haul. There’s also a cute piece of artwork (something a little different from what we usually pick up), a couple more anime mechs (because I can never have enough of those), and a positive pile of weird and wonderful nostalgic comic finds.

Check it out and let us know in the comment section which find you liked the most! (Let’s be honest… it’s gotta be that Harley, right? Right.) Don’t forget to also tag me on social media when you share pics of your own flea market finds so I can see them!

My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019

Okay, we now know for sure that the previous My Geek Box we got was May’s, because this one had June written right on it. LOGIC, people! LOGIC!

And speaking of logic, this box had Star Trek in it! Not to mention an awesome shirt design as usual, plus an exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pop and a few other items as well! This one was pretty nicely stuffed, I have to say, and the Star Trek items (yes, that’s a multiple!) are very awesome. So check out the vid and let me know in the comment section which item was your favorite! Also don’t forget to check out the links in the vid’s description box to get a discount off your own first My Geek Box!

Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Series 3 & Lil Bombshells Backpack Clips Unboxing!

Did you know that I’m a bit in love with Cryptozoic’s take on the DC Bombshells? You didn’t? Where the heck have you been?!

We recently got our hands on Series 3 of the line, thanks to our awesome friends at Cryptozoic, and I was super-excited to check them out! The third series includes Mera, Black Canary, and a new take on Harley Quinn, and they’re all just as beautiful as the previous series’. PLUS Cryptozoic sent us the first line of Lil’ Bombshells Backpack Clips to take a look at! Check it all out in our unboxing video, let us know which characters are your favorite, and check out the links in the description box to learn more about these products!

VIEWER MAIL TIME! Unboxing Fan Mail from Nicole!

We got viewer mail from Miss Nicole! All three of us got a separate package for this particular mail call, and there’s tons of fun enclosed. Frozen QPoskets and a Nendoroid for Adrianna, a tricky Friday the 13th mug for Jason, and a Harley Quinn QPosket for me! Take a look and let us know in the comment section which items you like and whether you have any of them yourself!

Thank you again Nicole!

NEW DC Comics Classic Harley Quinn Vinyl Statue from Cryptozoic Unboxing! Now at SDCC 2018!

It’s more from Cryptozoic! Our awesome friends with the company sent us along their brand-new Classic Harley Quinn statue, which is designed much in their DC Bombshells design, but with a focus on the “Batman: The Animated Series” style of the character. I’ve been incredibly excited to take a look at her up close since I first caught sight of the glam shots on Twitter, and I couldn’t be more happy with how this statue came together! Check out the vid, and if you’re a Harley fan definitely check out the links in the description box to pre-order her for herself, because she is absolutely gorgeous!