Today I’m a #@(%!/$ Pirate! Unboxing Nick’s “Enjoy This Pile of Junk” Box!

Yep. He’s a pirate. And I’m the one who made him that way! 😀

Does it  have anything to do with the video? No. No it doesn’t. Not in the slightest.

We’ve got a box of total randomness from our buddy Nick, who we’re also congratulating on the birth of his beautiful little baby girl, miss Josie Rey! Congratulations to the whole happy family, and thank you for the “junk”!

KAIJU-SIZED Collection! Godzilla Toys & Figures fr NECA, Funko, KidRobot, Tamashii Nations & Bandai!

You’d better strap in for this one! Today, as big fans of the King of Monsters himself, we’re showing off our ENTIRE Godzilla collection, which includes tons of items from Neca Toys, Funko, KidRobot, Bandai, and Tamashii Nations. Plus, the littlest Tobin makes an appearance to share her part of the collection!