Ineffable Kinktober 2021 – Day 3: Intercrural

Thirdly, we have the kink that I had to Google, because I didn’t realize that ‘thigh-fucking’ had a more proper-sounding name. XD

Enjoy, my dears!

Ineffable Kinktober 2021 – Day 2: Bondage

Second up on the docket is a little bit of good old fashioned ‘bondage’…with a little bit of an angelic twist. ^_~

Enjoy, my dears!

Ineffable Kinktober 2021 – Day 1: Hair

Welcome! This is my first ever time participating in Kinktober, so I hope you enjoy reading these shorts as much as I enjoyed writing them! I’ll post the fics each day throughout the month of October, and I hope that you’ll let me know what you think about them! ❤

Love and smut, my darlings! Love and smut! ❤

First up on the kink list is ‘hair‘, so of COURSE you know that I had to go with Aziraphale’s adoration of Crowley’s lovely, fire-red tresses. ^_^

Don’t forget, I’m posting these shorts to my Patreon as I finish writing them, so if you want to read ahead, head on over there! ❤