BOOTLEGO? Uz Sent Us a Batman Bootleg Lego Kit… AND IT’S AWESOME! GO BAT-HERO!

It’s not quite Lego…and it’s not quite Batman… It’s Bat-Hero Bootlego! XD

Our buddy Uz sent us a bootleg Lego set he found online, and we had a blast putting together this time-lapse video of us building it to show off on the channel. Just remember, when you’re watching all our foibles and missteps, that the official version of this set says “Ages 8 and Up” on the box. XD

Mail from Marie! Unboxing Swedish Candy, Grossery Gang, Pikachu, Toys + TMNT Lego & Pizza Cookbook!

It’s time for another mail call, and this one comes from our lovely friend Marie, all the way in Sweden! She sent a box that’s entirely for the little miss – although I think I enjoyed the contents just as much as she did…lol We’ve got a bunch of Ninja Turtles stuff, Grossery Gang, an adorable Pikachu item, some fun loose toys, and a bag of delicious Swedish candy! Thank you again Marie! We loved it all!

Unboxing Viewer Mail from Marie – All The Way From Sweden!

We got a box of stuff for the whole family from the lovely Miss Marie, all the way over in Sweden! It was jam-packed with tons of fun stuff, and one particularly awesome item that I’m head-over-heels for! 😀 Check it out!