I am Mera…QUEEN of Atlantis!

I love Cryptozoic’s take on the DC Bombshells so much. They’re sweet, sassy, adorable while still having that sexy appeal, and they’re beautifully sculpted. There’s just no two ways about it: these are awesome little statues of the gorgeous DC ladies!

The awesome people at Cryptozoic recently sent me their website-exclusive “Classic Mera” statue, and I couldn’t wait to show it off to you guys! It’s a beautiful variation on their first design for Mera, and they’ve even shared a coupon code with me to give to you all as well! Check out the video to find out how you can get a freebie with your order of the Classic Mera Bombshell, and also see the little bit of fun I had with the opening of this one. ^_~

Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Series 3 & Lil Bombshells Backpack Clips Unboxing!

Did you know that I’m a bit in love with Cryptozoic’s take on the DC Bombshells? You didn’t? Where the heck have you been?!

We recently got our hands on Series 3 of the line, thanks to our awesome friends at Cryptozoic, and I was super-excited to check them out! The third series includes Mera, Black Canary, and a new take on Harley Quinn, and they’re all just as beautiful as the previous series’. PLUS Cryptozoic sent us the first line of Lil’ Bombshells Backpack Clips to take a look at! Check it all out in our unboxing video, let us know which characters are your favorite, and check out the links in the description box to learn more about these products!