Triple Unboxing! My Geek Box, Threads, & Viewer Mail!

What do you do when you’re trying to get ahead on videos and the mail just keeps on coming? You plow through it all at once, that’s what!

In this video Jason caught up on a bunch of mail at once by unboxing the most recent My Geek Box and Threads boxes, as well as an amazing piece of viewer mail sent to us by the lovely River. I can’t wait to get home to get my eyes on that last piece! It definitely fits in with our collection, as if there was ever any doubt that River would send something that doesn’t. 😛

Check out the vid and let us know in the comment section what you thought of these three unboxings! Plus let Jason know how ungodly his British accent is, because he hasn’t been hearing that enough lately. 😀

AWESOME Mezco Toy Fair 2019 Exclusives Unboxing! One:12 Blade & Agent Gomez Action Figures & More!

New York Toy Fair is a pretty big deal in the collector community, and something Jason and I would love to be able to visit for ourselves some day. Unfortunately, at least for the time being, it’s just not in the cards. But this year we got a little bit of Toy Fair in the mail to cheer us up, and BOY, did it cheer us up!

Mezco Toyz, one of our favorite toy companies, sent us one of their amazing Toy Fair goodie bags, and it was PACKED with amazing items that we’ve absolutely fallen in love with. You honestly have to see it to believe it, so go see it! Go see it now!

SECOND CHRISTMAS! SO RANDOM! Viewer Mail Monday (January 2019) Unboxing

*Note* It’s been a while since I shared our YouTube videos on here because I’ve been seriously busy lately, so please excuse the post-bomb that will be occurring today. ^_~

It’s Second Christmas in the Tobin house! Lovely Miss Amy sent us a package full of totally random goodies, including a bunch of books and comics, a ton of full, silly toys, and more! Plus, sneaky Miss Ninja River managed to hide two secret presents in this box too! SO MANY THINGS!

Thank you ladies! We got a good few big smiles out of this box!

Freddy Krueger Living Dead Doll Mezco Unboxing – Viewer Mail from River!

One, two…Freddy’s comin’ for you…

There’s a new addition to the horror collection today! I fell in love with this Living Dead Doll Freddy Krueger the moment Mezco shared pictures of him on Twitter, so imagine my surprise and elation when I found out my friend River had pre-ordered him for me!


Check out my unboxing vid and let me know what you think! Links are in the description box so you can pick one up for yourself!

Star Trek Haul! Our First Mezco One:12 Collective Figure Plus Some Funko, Neca & More!

Are you ready for us to Spock You Like a Hurricane?!

Okay, yeah, that was an epic kind of lame, but you know you loved it! We’re showing off a Star Trek haul today on the channel, including some Skeletreks & more, plus an unboxing and review of our first ever Mezco One:12 figure, which is totally epic! Check it out, fellow travelers, and live long and prosper!