My Geek Box Unboxing (September 2019)

September’s My Geek Box, unboxed by my lovely husband who has the worst British accent of all time, was pretty damn decent! It included an awesome t-shirt and collectible coin from one of our favorite animated shows ever, plus some other fun items from great franchises that definitely fall in our fandom wheelhouse. And with two graphic novels, the value was definitely there on this one as well! Check out Jason’s unboxing, and then try out My Geek Box for yourself using coupon code TBASE10 to get 10% off your first box!

My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing – Funko, Kidrobot, Skyrim, and Bigfoot?

There were some fun, unique, and unusual items in July’s My Geek Box! Right off the bat we got a shirt design that is amusing and clever and definitely right up Jason’s alley. Then we got a surprising set of geeky dress-wear items that, so help me, I’m going to find a way to wear! Top it all off with a few cute collectibles, one of which turned out to be a 1:60 pull from a blind box! Woo!

And as always, we have a coupon code for you to get an excellent discount off your first box. So check out the unboxing vid, then check out the links in the description box. If you’re using the UK link, put in coupon code “TBASE10” to get half off your first box, and if you’re using the US link your discount will be automatically applied!

My Geek Box Unboxing (July 2018) ft. Funko, Marvel, Rick & Morty, & Star Wars!

What in the world is a Pop in a Box doing showing up at our door? Oh wait! The sticker says “My Geek Box”! Gee, I wonder why My Geek Box would be shipping in a Pop in a Box package? Hey! What a neat Star Wars item!

Okay, that’s enough stream-of-consciousness from me. 😛 July’s My Geek Box featured items from Marvel, Funko, Rick & Morty, & Star Wars, and included a rather cool shirt design. That Star Wars item though? Adrianna is totally going to steal that on me.

My Geek Box Unboxing (May 2018) – DAMN YOU REGINALD!!!

What was the last My Geek Box again? Because this one is May’s, and I could have sworn…ah, you know what? Forget it. We’ve got another box of geeky collectibles to show off! This one features a pretty sweet shirt design, along with two Funko products (neither of which are Pops!), a color-changing glass (NOT a mug!), and a pretty snazzy wallet!