Mystery Trade Box with The Rediscovered Nerd Part 1: The Jason Box!

More trade box goodness with Jason’s cousin Justin, The Rediscovered Nerd! This is part 1 (although because of Canada Post we’re not sure when part 2 will actually happen), which is a box of goodies aimed at Jason. It’s all awesome stuff that I can enjoy too, though, so I’m not too jealous. 😀 Check out the vid and let us know what your favorite item in the box was!

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Funko Mystery Box

Street Fighter was one of the big games of our childhood, which is why hearing about this 30th anniversary box from Funko elicited two responses:
“Damn, I’m old,”
“I want it! Gimmi!”
The box was a pretty neat idea, filled with alternate-costume versions of characters in a variety of different Funko products, and it even included a hat that Jason didn’t hate! That’s what you call a win right there. Check it out!