Nostalgia Blast Viewer Mail from Nick! Unboxing TMNT, Conan, Doctor Who, Street Fighter, & More!

Our buddy Nick sent us an awesome parcel of nostalgic goodies! A pile of comics, followed by some truly awesome VHS tapes and Doctor Who goodies that just cracked us up. XD Once you’ve checked out the video, go check out Nick’s Instagram account to see his amazing custom Jason Voorhees masks!

Custom 8-Bit Jason Mask + HUGE Box of Nostalgia from Darth Trick!

We got an AMAZING gift box filled to the brim with nostalgia, as well as an amazing custom 8-Bit Jason Mask! Darth Trick makes some truly awesome Jason mask repaints, so you should definitely check him out…as soon as you’ve watched our video, of course. ^_~