“The Prince’s Consort” – Chapter 21 [A Good Omens AU]

The passage of time, the deepening of bonds, and the making of plans… And our dear Anthony – who is growing much more bold and confident – has an encounter that throws him for one heck of a loop! (But don’t worry…it’s a good loop…hee hee hee…)

Enjoy, my loves!

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If you’re reading this post, you likely came here from one of my AO3 fan-fiction works, looking for information on how to read ahead on my WIPs. Welcome! Thank you for reading, and for clicking the link to this post!

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NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge Round 1 – Challenge 2: “Just For You”

This past week, those of who are participating in the ‘NYC Midnight’ Flash Fiction Challenge received our results for round 1. My story ‘Not Yet’ received 9 points (the most you can get is 15; over half of all participants get 0), which is pretty good!

Immediately after receiving our results we also received our prompts for the second challenge of round 1. My group received the rather interesting prompt of: ‘horror / a house for sale / brie cheese’.

I have to admit that I was a little thrown off by the brie cheese at first, but in the end I think I came up with a pretty decent way of incorporating it. That said, feel free to let me know what you think! This story, as with the first (and hopefully the future ones) will be exclusive to my Patrons until the end of the competition. Enjoy, my loves!

Patreon Exclusive – “The Intermediaries” Author’s Extended Cut!

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 11.54.19 AM.png

As previously mentioned, I wrote “The Intermediaries” for a contest, and that contest happened to involve a word limit. That limit was one thousand words, and while I did manage to pull it off and got decent praise for the story I created, I felt a little cheated. This challenge was a ghost story, and I love horror. Specifically I love the gory, the groady, the creepy, crawly, slithering terror. I love the visuals and the emotional. And those kinds of things are really, really hard to cram into a thousand word story when you also have to establish things like setting and character background.

So, as also previously mentioned, I decided to do an expanded cut! This version of the story blossomed to just over three thousand words, and I personally think that it’s vastly superior to the original. In fact, between my personal love of this version and a lovely review and suggestion from a friend, I’m officially considering this the first story in what will eventually become an anthology of short stories published by yours truly. Look forward to it in the future! (Though, probably the less-than-near future, since I don’t have much else to pull from yet and will have to, you know…write more short stories.)

In the meantime though, check out The Intermediaries – Extended Version on my Patreon!