DEADPOOL in 4D! New Marvel Deadpool Q Fig Diorama Unboxing & Review + Captain Marvel Q-Fig from Qmx!

If you haven’t caught on by now that I’m totally in love with the Q-Figs from QmX, you clearly haven’t been paying attention! And on top of that, you all know that I’m a total Deadpool fangirl, AND, although I haven’t really expressed it much, I really enjoyed the Captain Marvel film as well. Therefore I’m SUPER jealous that Jason got to unbox these two cuties without me!

There is never enough Deadpool in my life, and I absolutely adore the grumbly look of determination on Marvel’s face. XD Check out the vid for a better look at these two new additions to our ever-growing Q-Fig collection!

AMAZING Qmx Supernatural Dean Winchester 1:6 Scale Figure! Qmx Master Series Unboxing & Review!

There is little doubt from anyone who knows me that I’m a massive geek who is hyper-fanatic when it comes to a number of different fandoms. Supernatural is up there with my absolute top ones, and as an addendum, Dean Winchester is one of my favorite characters from any fandom in existence. (No, I’m not exaggerating!)

So you can imagine my literal heart-eyes when I first saw that QmX were working on a 6th scale Master Series of figures, with their first release being the aforementioned older Winchester brother. I absolutely fell in love with it from the pictures on social media alone and just about found myself experiencing a heart attack when Jason presented me with it for last Christmas!

I took positively forever to officially open him because I wanted a proper unboxing video and never seemed to be able to find the time, but I think the wait was worth it. Content warning for absolute squealing, over-happy insanity. XD

ThinkGeek Haul! Q Figs & Pokemon – Unboxing Q Fig Batman Superman Deadpool & Pokemon Fashion Style!

Online retailer Think Geek sent us a gift package of items to show off! Jason and I got a pair of awesome Q Figs that totally suit our style and collection, and the little missus is the proud new owner of a vegan leather Pokemon purse! Check out the vid to see what everything looks like up close and to hear our thoughts and opinions. Don’t forget to hit subscribe while you’re there, and leave us a comment letting us know which item you like the most!

Q Fig Haul! – 6 Qmx QFigs of Marvel, DC & Star Trek w/ Loot Crate Exclusive and Q-Fig MAX Star Lord!

I’m a big fan of Q Figs, you guys. I think that Qmx does an AMAZING job creating these smaller-scale, totally affordable little vinyl figures, and if you don’t agree that they’re beautifully well made and tons of fun, you clearly just hate fun. ^_~ Check out our unboxing of Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Star Lord, and Mr Spock, and then check out the links in the description box of the video to pick some awesome Q Figs up for yourself!

Cutest Supernatural Present Ever! Qmx Plush Q-Pals and Greenlight Baby! HUGGABLE WINCHESTERS!

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have a bit of a “Boyfriend List”, and that the Supernatural boys are right at the top of that list. Luckily I have a very understanding husband who furthers my obsession by buying me awesome presents! This Christmas Jason gave me huggable Winchester Bros and a matching Castiel, along with an absolutely awesome model of Baby, the very VERY important ’67 Chevy Impala who is every bit a character of the show. I love them to DEATH, and I’m cuddling with them while writing this post. Don’t judge me. XD