“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Sixteen: A Mother’s Dismay

It’s the penultimate chapter, my loves. I must admit, this is where I really struggled, because I wasn’t sure what would be the best way to move forward with a conclusion to this story. After everything our bois went through, a happy ending seemed dismissive, and a sad one seemed righteously unfair. I think what I came up with is a reasonable compromise, but I suppose I’ll find out once you’ve read this and the final chapter that will be released next week…

Until then, I hope you enjoy! ❤

“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Fifteen: As It Shall End

I’ve been waiting to get to get here for ages, my friends, and here we finally are. This isn’t the end, as the title of the chapter may imply, but it is getting close. This chapter is a little shorter, because I wanted the following scenes to be their own chapter, but don’t worry! Chapter Sixteen is already written and will go up next Saturday! :O Yes, that’s right, I’m actually ahead! lol

Enjoy, my loves!

“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Fourteen: A Message

We are approaching endgame, my friends. With this chapter our angel and demon now know what they need to do, even if they have no way of knowing how it will all turn out in the end. It’s time to have a little faith… 

This chapter also brings me to a point I’ve been waiting desperately to write, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go ahead and get to work on Chapter Fifteen! ❤

“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Twelve: Tell Me Everything

Okay, with this chapter I am officially done with exposition. This have been explained, more or less, and it’s time to move forward. I’ve got scenes in my head that are screaming to get out, one of which I know is something several of my readers have suggested. Look forward to some action in the upcoming chapters! 

Enjoy! ❤

“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Eleven: Never Again

Deep, cleansing breaths, my loves. Deep, cleansing breaths. 

This is actually a bit of a shorter chapter because where I intend to go next felt like it would make the chapter far too long, but I expect you’ll enjoy it all the same. Our emotionally-destroyed boys finally sit down and have a bit of a chat. Crowley learns a few things and Aziraphale hears something that he desperately needed to hear. Perhaps a bit of healing is occurring? Difficult to say, but you can judge for yourselves. 

Enjoy, my loves, and remember to protect your hearts!