“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Ten: From All the Forces of Heaven and Hell

Phew! We’re up to double-digit chapters now! I must admit, when I first started writing this fic, I wasn’t expecting it to be a particularly long one, but it seems to have grown and become a THING and now I know that I have to bring it to some kind of satisfying conclusion, and that’s what we’re slowly heading toward, starting with this particular chapter. The question is, what kind of conclusion will it be?

I’m genuinely curious: what are you expecting from the outcome of ‘Revenge Omens’? Are you expecting to be stabbed in the heart right up until the end? Are you thinking of more of a bittersweet finale? Or are you still holding out that somehow, someway, things are going to turn out alright, that it will miraculously work its way into a happy ending? Let me know in the comments so I can get a feel for what my lovely readers are thinking!

In the meantime though, enjoy Chapter Ten, in which Phanuel arrives with an ultimatum and Aziraphale defends himself in a less-than-civil manner.

Enjoy, my loves!

“Revenge Omens” Chapter Nine: Let Me Undo What I Have Done

Deep breaths, my loves. There is little doubt that this chapter contains our requisite portion of angst for the day, but it also includes a scene that I think may actually help to ease a little bit of the pain. At least, that’s how I feel but please feel free to let me know if it actually worked for you. ❤

In Chapter Nine we find ourselves back at the bookshop, our angel and demon so close, and yet so far, neither with any ideas as to what the future might hold for them. 

“Revenge Omens” Chapter Six – Make Me Feel Again (Make Me Rage)

Once again, more time has passed than I was intending since the previous chapter, but at least the gaps are getting smaller! 

This particular chapter was going to be longer, but with what’s coming next I thought it might actually be best to cut it short and give you all a chance to catch your breath. *nervously clears throat* 

Read this one, and then prepare yourselves, my friends…