Flea Market Finds Fridays Episode 11

This might be my favorite Flea Market Finds Fridays vid yet, because everything in it is awesome, and it all came from the same table!

There aren’t many toys in this particular haul, but the ones we did find are amazing (especially that Figuarts! for $15!!), and the huge haul of AMAZING comics more than makes up it anyway.

Check out these awesome finds and let us know what you thought of them in the comment section!

My Birthday Haul! Artwork, SH Figuarts Chibi Moon, SideShow Buffy, & an EBook Sale for YOU GUYS!!

It’s my birthday! And I don’t act look a day over 20, right? XD

I’m sharing my awesome little birthday haul from Jason and Adrianna today, which included some cute artwork, an awesome SH Figuarts Sailor Chibi Moon, and a gorgeous Buffy Summers figure from Sideshow Collectibles. So happy with everything! 

TMNT Leonardo SH Figuarts Action Figure – Unboxing Surprise Viewer Mail from Dave in the UK!

We got another package from the UK from our friend Dave! He sent along a duplicate that he accidentally ended up with and knew we would appreciate, and we certainly do! It’s another Ninja Turtles Figuarts to add to our collection! Leo is joining his brother Raph, and now we definitely need to hunt down the rest of the team! XD Thank you so much Dave!

Dragon Ball Super SSGSS Haul! Goku Funko Pop, SH Figuarts Vegeta & Banpresto Scultures!

There were lots of complaints floating around the internet about Dragon Ball Super, but to be perfectly blunt, Jason and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Was it flawed? Of course. Were the power levels absolutely outrageous to the point of pure foolishness? Damn right. Was it all a ton of fun? You bet your ass it was!

But this isn’t a review of the show, nor is it the start of a fight with those who didn’t enjoy the show. You see, Jason and I have the Super Saiyan Blues (ha ha…that one was Jason’s) now that Dragon Ball Super is over, so we decided to cheer ourselves up by unboxing a few awesome SSGSS collectibles!

Cammy Collectible Love! Street Fighter Cryptozoic Knockouts, SH Figuarts & Play Arts Kai!

It’s time for some Cammy Collectible Love! 😀
Jason is pretty much obsessed (he’ll try to deny it, but don’t you be fooled!) with Cammy from Street Fighter, so I decided to let him finally do a haul with these three gorgeous figures that have been languishing in their boxes in the basement. We have a Street Fighter Knockouts statue from Cryptozoic, an articulated figure from Play Arts Kai, and a S.H. Figuarts figure that I was forced to buy as a Christmas present on threat of divorce. ^_~
Check out our vid to see some awesome shots of all three, and then let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite!