“To Be Devoured” – A Patreon Exclusive from the World of “Nowhere to Hide”

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Since I first started up my Patreon I toyed with the idea of writing short stories that come from the worlds of my published books. Previously I’d written a short featuring Tori and Jacob from “The Other World“, which was fun but also very non-canon-compliant. This new short, titled “To Be Devoured” comes from the world of “Nowhere to Hide” and is very much canon. It features a closer look at what happened behind the scenes of the news broadcast from the opening chapter of the book, and I rather enjoyed writing it, so please check it out!

“A Boy & A Girl” – A Patron-Only Exclusive Short Story from “The Other World”

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In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d have a bit of fun with two of my favorite characters: Tori and Jacob from The Other World. Anyone who has read the first two books in the series will have come to the rather obvious conclusion that these two are a bit sweet on each other (even if they’re too dumb to realize it), so I wrote a cute little short story featuring them being adorable. It’s PG-rated, just so you know, and is non-canon as far as the main story goes, although you never know…something similar could happen in future instalments of the series! ‘A Boy & A Girl‘ is a Patron-only exclusive short, so if you’d like to read it please head on over to my Patreon and become one of my favorite people. ^_^ Enjoy!

Ineffable Advent – Day 4: Reindeer

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Day 4 of my Ineffable Advent is live! I’m not going to lie, you guys…I struggled a bit for what to do with the prompt of “Reindeer“. But I think what I eventually came up with is pretty on-character and works well. 😀 This one is also safe for general audiences, so everyone can enjoy! (Fair warning though…the smut is coming soon…ke ke ke…)

Ineffable Advent – Dec 3: Elf

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I’m a little late into the day letting y’all know about it, but the third day of my Ineffable Advent is live on AO3! In this short fic, Elf, Crowley finds something new in Aziraphale’s shop and takes a bit of a twister. The angel then, of course, wants to know the story of why the seemingly-innocuous item offends the demon so.

This one is also rated rather low (just a bit of profanity), so feel free to enjoy! ❤

Ineffable Advent – Dec 2: Santa Claus

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Day 2 of my Ineffable Advent is live! Today’s prompt was “Santa Claus“, and the story features Crowley catching Aziraphale doing a holiday favour that he finds somewhat embarrassing. This is another General-rating one, so everyone can enjoy! ❤