My Geeky Mother’s Day Haul! Star Wars Black Series, DBZ, Marvel Comics, & a Fave PS4 Game!

Mother’s Day is for flowers and nice-smelling fancy things right? WRONG! Mother’s Day is just another excuse for me to get toys and games and collectibles! This year Jason and Adrianna gave me an awesome haul of stuff, including comics, a video game, and a TON of figures from two of my favorite franchises. Come share the geeky joy with me!

May the 4th Star Wars Haul! Black Series Action Figures, Deathtrooper Bust & a HUGE TIE FIGHTER!

May the Fourth be with you, fellow Star Wars nerds! I thought we’d celebrate Star Wars Day with a “little” haul of Star Wars collectibles I’ve been meaning to show off for a while now. Included in this haul is an awesome Death Trooper bust from Gentle Giant, four of the Hasbro Black Series figures that we got pre-loved from Atomic Records and Collectibles, and the absolutely enormous Black Series Tie Fighter that Jason has been using as a coffee table for several months now.  ._.

Are you celebrating Star Wars day? We’re going to be watching The Empire Strikes Back with the little one shortly! Feel free to share your own plans in the comments below!

Building My Imperial Army! Star Wars Black Series Haul & Unboxing!

I totally intended to post this on our ACTUAL anniversary, which was the 11th, but it turned out to actually be a pretty busy day, and, well, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you go check out our unboxing of my IMPERIAL ARMY! Plus, Jason had an awesome surprise for me at the end of the video! :3