ThinkGeek Haul! Q Figs & Pokemon – Unboxing Q Fig Batman Superman Deadpool & Pokemon Fashion Style!

Online retailer Think Geek sent us a gift package of items to show off! Jason and I got a pair of awesome Q Figs that totally suit our style and collection, and the little missus is the proud new owner of a vegan leather Pokemon purse! Check out the vid to see what everything looks like up close and to hear our thoughts and opinions. Don’t forget to hit subscribe while you’re there, and leave us a comment letting us know which item you like the most!

DC Teekeez Stackable Vinyl Figures Base Set & Harley Quinn Chase by Cryptozoic – Unboxing & Review!

We love unique items in our collection, which is why we got a huge kick out of these little stackable vinyl figures from Cryptozoic! The Teekeez figures are DC characters created in a style that looks like a little wooden tiki figure, and, I mean, come on….just look at that Batman!!!