Viewer Mail from Marie! Adrianna Box of TMNT, Harry Potter, Pokemon and More!

Our friend Marie from Sweden has sent boxes of goodies to the channel before, and this one is specifically for Adrianna! It’s stuffed full of stuff the littlest geek loves, such as Pokemon, Ninja Turtles, Shopkins, and much more, and also includes a couple of small items for Jason and myself (to keep us out of her stuff…hee hee hee…)

Check out the adorable unboxing, and let us know in the comment section what you thought of all the awesomeness that Marie sent! Thanks again Marie!

TMNT Custom (CHALLENGE!) Nick’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Remote Control Michelangelo Custom Toy!

We’ve mentioned our buddy Nick before, because he’s an awesome artist who loves to take old, unwanted toys and transform them into something new and unique that looks amazing in someone’s collection. Lucky for us he’s donated several of these custom toys to The Basement in the past, and they have places of honor among all of our collectibles.

Recently Jason picked up a double of a toy Adrianna has, which he found in a local thrift shop, and gave it to Nick to see what he could come up with. What he did was far and beyond what I was imagining, and is absolutely awesome. Check out the vid, and then click the link in the description box to go to Nick’s Instagram account to see more of his custom awesomeness!

Surprise Box from The Border Geek! TMNT, DC Comics, MOTU and BATTLETOADS!

We got another box of goodies from our buddy Derek, The Border Geek! This box is mostly for Adrianna, but has a few things for lil’ol’ me and Jason too, and includes Ninja Turtles, Batman the Animated Series, an absolutely incredible old meme that will never die, and BATTLETOADS! Anyone here remember Battletoads? Yeah you do. XD

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Loyal Subjects Blind Boxes Wave 1 Full Case! Unboxing 16 TMNT Figures!

Ninja Turtles are a bit of a big deal in our household, so when we came across a full, untainted box of TMNT Loyal Subjects at our local EB Games we just couldn’t resist! Of course, Adrianna had to join us for the unboxing, because she’s as big a Turtle nerd as her parents, so here we have a family blind box haul! Come see who we got in this case, and then pop down into the comments to let us know who your favorite fig and TMNT character are!

TMNT Leonardo SH Figuarts Action Figure – Unboxing Surprise Viewer Mail from Dave in the UK!

We got another package from the UK from our friend Dave! He sent along a duplicate that he accidentally ended up with and knew we would appreciate, and we certainly do! It’s another Ninja Turtles Figuarts to add to our collection! Leo is joining his brother Raph, and now we definitely need to hunt down the rest of the team! XD Thank you so much Dave!