SECOND CHRISTMAS! SO RANDOM! Viewer Mail Monday (January 2019) Unboxing

*Note* It’s been a while since I shared our YouTube videos on here because I’ve been seriously busy lately, so please excuse the post-bomb that will be occurring today. ^_~

It’s Second Christmas in the Tobin house! Lovely Miss Amy sent us a package full of totally random goodies, including a bunch of books and comics, a ton of full, silly toys, and more! Plus, sneaky Miss Ninja River managed to hide two secret presents in this box too! SO MANY THINGS!

Thank you ladies! We got a good few big smiles out of this box!

VIEWER MAIL TIME! Fully Stuffed Box from Marie!

We got a box from Sweden that weighed about a million pounds! An exaggeration, obviously, but in all seriousness Marie crammed this thing so full I thought it was going to burst. XD

We’ve got books, candy, blind bags, statues, figures, and one particularly amazing action figure that I didn’t even know existed! There’s truly a little bit of everything for each of us, and we were absolutely humbled by the love. Thank you so much for everything Marie! Keep an eye out on the channel Instagram account for future photo shoots!

90s Sailor Moon Toys! (Kijiji) Haul! – Toys, Books, VHS Tapes, & More!

I was a huge fan of Sailor Moon when it aired on YTV when I was a kid. I never had a lot of toys or stuff from the fandom because not much of that kind of thing ever came to Nova Scotia, but I was happy enough with the show. Now that I have my little mini-me it makes me super-happy to see her love the magical girl fandom as much as I did.

So of course I had to had to pick up a Kijiji haul of old-school Sailor Moon stuff when my friend Nick showed it to me! I decided to keep it all a secret and reveal it to Sailor Missy-Moon one item at a time, and it made for a super-cute video full of smiles and giggles! Check it out and let us know in the comment section what your favorite item was, and who your favorite Sailor Scout is!

SHORYUKEN! Street Fighter Haul – Cammy & Chun-Li Action Figures, Funko Pop & T.N.C.-02 Light-Up Ken!

SHORYUKEN! Okay, okay, so I can’t say it properly…but in trying to I got to playfully punch Jason in the face over and over again, so I’m calling that a full-on success. XD

Today on the channel we have another haul of Street Fighter toys, including the ridiculously awesome Ken Masters statue I got from Big Boys Toys….it TALKS AND LIGHTS UP!! Check out the vid, and if you’re interested in any of the stuff we showed, you can check them out in the links in the description box below the video!

OH HO HO HO… AWESOME Dragon Ball Z/Super Frieza Figures for the Collection – DXF/WFC/MSP

What does pure evil in anime form look like? We’ll show you, with a haul of Frieza figures from Dragon Ball Z/Super! No seriously though, this guy is monstrous, and he also happens to be Jason’s all-time favorite. Take that as you will! XD

We’ve got a number of collectibles from Banpresto and Tamashii Nations, and they’re all awesome representations of this totally unrelenting character from one of our favorite anime of all time. Check it out!