“Revenge Omens” Chapter Nine: Let Me Undo What I Have Done

Deep breaths, my loves. There is little doubt that this chapter contains our requisite portion of angst for the day, but it also includes a scene that I think may actually help to ease a little bit of the pain. At least, that’s how I feel but please feel free to let me know if it actually worked for you. ❤

In Chapter Nine we find ourselves back at the bookshop, our angel and demon so close, and yet so far, neither with any ideas as to what the future might hold for them. 

Plans & Goals 2020: Week 31 Review

Happy Long Weekend, Canada! And to everyone else: I heartily apologize for angering you just there. 😛

A few random things on this fine Monday morning before I dive into the goals…

Firstly, since last we spoke masks have become mandatory when in public spaces in Nova Scotia. It’s not being enforced legally, but individual stores/services/etc are completely within their rights to turn you away at the door if you aren’t wearing a mask. I personally was expecting a lot of fights and angry, screaming customers during those first few days, but I’m pleasantly surprised to be able to say that I haven’t seen or heard of any such issues yet. When we went out on Friday we saw maybe three people who still weren’t wearing a mask, and we saw no altercations. It was an uplifting surprise, to be honest. Nova Scotia has actually been doing really well with Covid – we’ve had multiple stretches of a week or more without any new cases and have had fewer than a hundred overall deaths – so I honestly figured people would be whiny little bitches about adding precautions. But so far it seems to be going really well.

That said, I would like to point out that if you’re wearing your mask under your nose…FFS, smarten up. I’ll give some people the benefit of the doubt because I’ve spoken to a few retail workers who have complained that their masks tend to slip down beneath their nose without them noticing sometimes, but it’s easy to tell that some people just don’t want to have the mask on their nose, and guys…that defeats the whole purpose. The idea is to not BREATHE on each other. If you refuse to wear it properly you may as well not be wearing it at all.

Okay, that’s enough soapboxing for me today.

In other news, we’ve been experiencing something of a heat wave. The temperatures we’ve hit might not sound all that terrible to people who live further South, but it’s all about relativity, my friends. When you’re used to hitting a maximum temp of around 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 Fahrenheit), it feels like Hell has risen when it hits nearly 40 (104). Mind, those numbers are after adjusting for the humidity, but GODDAMN, you guys…the bloody humidity. We live on the ocean, and also tend to get streaks of several days of rain at a time, so when it gets hot like this the humidity shoots through the roof and makes it feel like the air is literally pushing down on you. The other day I just collapsed on the couch and felt like gravity was crushing me. It’s gross. And I mention this because it will become important later on in the goals.

(On a side note, did you know that it’s possible to hit 100% humidity? I never thought about it until it happened, but apparently it is the point at which there is so much moisture in the air that any more would be rain.)

And one more random thing before I move along:
Have you ever seen those little black-and-white spiders that can jump short distances? They’re less than half the size of the nail on your little finger and they just kinda bounce forward when they come across a gap or blockage? Well we have piles of them around here, and apparently they bloody love me. I’ve been spending a lot of time out on the back deck when I’m reading or writing, and at least one of those little spiders finds me each day and just kinda bounces back and forth between my legs. It’s oddly amusing, and also a huge sign of how dramatically my anxiety levels have changed, because a few years ago I would have freaked-the-fuck out to see a spider crawling on me, but now I’m like, “Aww, you go little dude.”

Okay! Enough of that. Let’s get through these goals!

Goal #1: Be Healthier

This past week was a good one! There were a few little hiccups, but all in all I really have no complaints about how the week went!

  • Eat better (and less) – As I said, there were a few hiccups, but only really small ones. Once or twice I gave into temptation and broke my calorie cap, or used remaining calories on terrible treats instead of decent foods. On the whole, however, I ate really well and stayed within my limits. I’m getting used to cramming as many veggies as possible into our dinner meals, and I’ve been working with fruit as a way to allow us to have dessert without going too nuts. I’ve still been having treats (Nestle Drumsticks are just a necessity in the dead of summer), but I’ve been watching my calories to make sure that I can have them without throwing myself horribly off track.
  • Drink more water – No troubles here! Lots of water, lots of black coffee, the occasional black tea, and I’ve been having Bubly when I want something that’s more like juice or pop. It’s a lightly flavored carbonated water with no calories, and it takes a bit of getting used to, but I enjoy it now.
  • Get more exercise – Another hiccup here, as just kinda gave up on Saturday and Sunday. lol I did end up going for a walk on both of those days though, so it more or less worked out okay. I think I just needed a break from exercise vids. They tend to get brainless after a while and I find my mind wandering to all the other things I want to be doing. But I’m back at it as of this morning, so it’s all good!
  • Lose 2 lbs per month – I bounced around a bit after the rebound-disaster that was last week, but I do, in fact, get to report a loss this week! Last week I had to report that I’d gone back up to 177.2 lbs. Today I get to tell you that I’m back down to 173.8. Now…disclaimer…that’s a bit more than 3 lbs, which is actually more than they suggest you should lose in a single week for health reasons. But I’m not particularly concerned because some of that was very likely water-weight put on as a result of all the drinking and related-consumption from the previous week. So, yeah, just let me have this one, okay? 😛

Goal #2: Be an Author

Author stuff is getting interrupted a lot these days in favor of other things – some important, some not – but I promise you that I’m still doing quite well and am pretty proud of myself. 🙂

  • Write 500,000 words throughout the year – Okay, first off, this week I’m fudging my numbers a bit, but not in the way you might think. I actually wrote quite a bit more than what I’m reporting. But here’s the thing: there’s a very good possibility that cousin-in-law is going to visit for a few days this week, which always naturally results in a period of lost writing time. So instead of just jamming all my word count into week 31, I decided to cut myself off at a certain point and apply the remaining numbers to next week so that I hopefully keep up the count even with the visitor. Everyone okay with that? Well it doesn’t matter because I’m doing it anyway. 😛
    With that said, Pacemaker.press wanted me to write 8582, and I murdered that number, but I’m only going to be reporting a word count of 9389 for this week (which, hey, is still awesome).
  • Promote published books – Ye gods have I ever been failing to do this! I just doing know where to go with this one, you guys. I bring up my books on the social media every so often, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. And as previously discussed, paid ads have not been kind to me. So, yeah. I need bloody ideas.
  • Promote Patreon & exclusive content – The big post for last week was the upload of ‘Revenge Omens: Chapter Six‘. It is in early-access right now and will be posted to AO3 this coming weekend. I’m hoping to have the next chapter available for Patreon early-access by the time this one goes up to the public, but I’ve got a lot of different stuff going on at once right now, so we’ll see what happens!
  • Work on Author social media – Social media was a bit of an unusual bust this week. Twitter was fine, with a gain of two new followers, but the unusual bit is that the Instagram lost five followers. Not enough to be genuinely concerned, but it does make me wonder because the author Instagram generally only tends to move in the positive direction. Hopefully those five losses will turn out to have been bots or something that got cleansed.

Goal #3: Be a YouTuber

We’re not a whirlwind of content by any stretch, but we’re still doing perfectly well, thank you very much!

  • Film/edit/upload – We only filmed one video last week, mainly due to the fact that the heat and humidity was so desperate on a few of those days that we thought we were going to actually melt. It was disgusting, I tell you! But we did eventually manage to get a not-disgusting-enough day to sit down and film a big viewer mail video we’d been working up to. It was a long one, coming up at just over an hour worth of video, so it’s been a bit of a trial to edit. It took me two days just to do the basic stuff (cutting out useless footage and stitching everything else back together), and since then Jason has been working on the more detailed stuff (photos, pop-ups, fun little effects that make the vid more interesting). In the end it will be worth it, but just give us a bit more time to get through the editing slog.
  • Promote and Interact (Social Media) – The channel social media was a bit of a bust last week as well, although in this case I can honestly say that it was probably my fault. I just kinda…stopped posting to Instagram halfway through the week. I kept telling myself I was going to take some fun pics to post, but it just kept not happening. As a result the Instagram lost two followers, although the Twitter did gain five, so that’s not bad at all. I definitely have to try to do better this week, though.
  • Expand website content – *continuing the incoherent screaming*

Goal #4: Be Fun!

  • Read 50 books throughout the year – Okay, okay, okay…I’m finally actually reading books again! I haven’t stopped reading fanfiction by a long shot, but I’m absolutely focus my attention back onto proper books again. What brought this new motivation on? Well, I found a paperback copy of ‘Darkdawn’ (the third in the ‘Nevernight’ series), which I’d been waiting for so that all three of my books would match, but I hadn’t even read ‘Godsgrave’ yet (the second in the series). So I told myself, “Okay, self…this is fucked. Get your shit together.” And now I’m reading Godsgrave. I’m about a third of the way through now and it’s goddamn excellent, so I’m sure I’ll probably swing right into ‘Darkdawn’ as soon as I finish it.
  • Play video games – Video games seem to have gone by the wayside again, it seems, as I’ve been so distracted with everything else. Pretty much the only gaming I’ve done recently is a little bit of ‘Mary Skelter: Nightmares’ and a couple of rounds of ‘Overwatch’ with mini-me.
  • Watch shows/movies – I know we watched a few movies last week, but I’m honestly having a difficult time remembering what they were because my brain is completely and entirely taken up by ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2, which just came out on Netflix recently and is fan-fucking-tastic, in my opinion. We’ve got three episodes left, which we’ll probably finish off tonight, and thus far I have been enjoying it immensely. I love Klaus so bloody much, you guys. He is my umbrella-boi.

In conclusion: it was a pretty damn good week. Not overly productive in some areas, but absolutely excellent in others. And really, can I ask for much more than that? No I can not.

How was your week? Any accomplishments you want to share? Goals you worked hard on? Feel free to share in the comments! ❤

“Revenge Omens” Chapter Six – Make Me Feel Again (Make Me Rage)

Once again, more time has passed than I was intending since the previous chapter, but at least the gaps are getting smaller! 

This particular chapter was going to be longer, but with what’s coming next I thought it might actually be best to cut it short and give you all a chance to catch your breath. *nervously clears throat* 

Read this one, and then prepare yourselves, my friends…

Unboxing July’s “My Eekeez…er, GEEK Box”! XD

This has officially gotten ridiculous, my friends! Three “My Geek Box” boxes ago Jason and I had zero Eekeez in our collection…and as of the opening of this latest box we now have SIX. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I definitely wouldn’t mind it if “My Geek Box” mixed things up again with the next box! XD

Check out our vid and let us know what you thought of July’s “My Geek Box”! What was your favorite item? What do you think of Eekeez? Isn’t that shirt just wicked? Don’t forget to use the link/coupon code in the vid’s description box if you want to pick up a box for yourself! You’ll get a discount off your first box!

Unboxing 2 More My Geek Boxes!

Hold up just a minute there! Didn’t we just unbox five of these things in the last video?! Well yes, yes we did. But you see, being gone for half a year, combined with a new computer and new software meant that editing those first two videos took an exceptionally long time. And by the time that actually finally got finished, there were two more My Geek Box boxes waiting to be unboxed! Luckily the whole process sped up quite a bit after this. 😛

Once you’ve watched the video don’t forget to let us know which box you liked more and which item was your favorite!