Surprise Box from The Border Geek! TMNT, DC Comics, MOTU and BATTLETOADS!

We got another box of goodies from our buddy Derek, The Border Geek! This box is mostly for Adrianna, but has a few things for lil’ol’ me and Jason too, and includes Ninja Turtles, Batman the Animated Series, an absolutely incredible old meme that will never die, and BATTLETOADS! Anyone here remember Battletoads? Yeah you do. XD

What-Eva! I Do What I Want! Box from The Border Geek – TMNT, Star Wars, Predator, Oh My!

This video is worth clicking on just to hear Jason’s Eric Cartman impression in the opening. Do it. Do it right now!

In all seriousness though, we’ve got another awesome box of goodies from our buddy The Border Geek! Once again he’s hit the nail on the head with multiple of our fandoms, including things like TMNT, Predator, Deadpool, and more. He also sent something Jason’s been wanting for ages, and a super-special autographed print for me! Thank you again, Derek! It was all awesome!

Mystery Trade Box with The Rediscovered Nerd Part 1: The Jason Box!

More trade box goodness with Jason’s cousin Justin, The Rediscovered Nerd! This is part 1 (although because of Canada Post we’re not sure when part 2 will actually happen), which is a box of goodies aimed at Jason. It’s all awesome stuff that I can enjoy too, though, so I’m not too jealous. 😀 Check out the vid and let us know what your favorite item in the box was!

Gift Boxin’ with The Border Geek! GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Go BIG or go home, indeed! We’ve got another gift box from The Border Geek, and although a chunk of this box was two items that we purchased and Derek helped us ship, there’s still a HUGE amount of stuff in this box! Not to mention, there’s a few cheeky shots in there from our good buddy as well…Bwa ha ha… When you’ve finished watching our video, go check out what we sent him in his video!

Gift Boxin’ with The Border Geek – July 2017

We’ve got another gift box from our good buddy Derek, The Border Geek, and man, it is PACKED with awesomeness! He managed to cram tons of our fandoms in this box across a wide variety of items, and it is just AMAZING. Check it out!