Yum Yum Candy Box (August 2018) Unboxing & Taste Testing!

“Wait,” you might be saying, “Weren’t you guys on a diet?”

“PSH,” says I, “Diets mean nothing when you’ve got a HUGE BOX OF CANDY TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD!

Today on the channel we’re showing you guys what a Yum Yum Candy box looks like! We got the We-Joy box, and it was absolutely packed with chocolatey and sugary goodness. To say that we gorged ourselves might be an understatement. Check out our unboxing/taste test video and let us know in the comment section which of these treats you’ve had for yourself!

Munchpak Mini Unboxing & Review December 2017 – Taste-Testing Treats!

My little taste-testing partner and I got sent a Munchpak Mini, which is always a ton of fun. It’s a box full of treats! And I must say, this particular box had nothing but wins, in my opinion, although missy wasn’t the biggest fan of the “Rap Snacks”. Check out the cuteness of our unboxing video, and then if you’re interested in Munchpak yourself, you can use coupon code BGEEKS to get $2 off your first order!