Jason Takes The Basement 6: NECA 1/4 Scale Warrior Predator!

If you watch our channel, it’s no secret that Jason and I love the Predator movies. Recently Jason picked up this 1/4 scale NECA Predator at one of our favorite collectibles shops – Giant Robot Comics – and he decided to give everyone a look at it during his “Jason Takes The Basement” run. These 1/4 scale figures are absolutely¬†amazing, you guys, and we’re starting to build up quite a little army of them!

Jason Takes the Basement 5: Friday the 13th Ultimate Jason from NECA!

If you follow our YouTube channel at all, you’ve probably picked up somewhere along the line that my dear husband Jason is a little bit of a Friday the 13th lunatic. He has a few different NECA figures of Jason Voorhees at this point, but was super-excited when he found this particular one in a local comic shop, since Part 4 of the series is one of his two ultimate favorites. Plus…the opening of this video just made me crack up. XD

Jason Takes the Basement 3: Blind Box Crazy!

Continuing on with Jason’s takeover of the Basement, he and our little missy did a mega-unboxing of a TON of blind box/bag/package items. They opened everything from Mega Man and DC Bombshells, to Ninja Turtles keychains and AvP Titans, and you guys…my daughter is frikkin’ adorable. lol Check it out and throw them a “like”!

Jason Takes The Basement 2: My Geek Box July 2017

It’s the second spooky (but not really) installment of Jason Takes The Basement! This time Jason is checking out My Geek box, a UK based box full of geeky goodies. This box has no theme and is quite random at times; this month’s box includes items from Ted 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Big Bang Theory, Avengers, and Tekken. Quite eclectic! Also, Jason does the accent again, so there’s that. lol

Jason Takes the Basement! Collectors Case Edition!

Since I’m still, unfortunately, on the other side of the country, I managed to bully Jason into doing a few videos by himself to keep the channel from being completely dead the entire time I’m gone. Thus, here is the Collectors Case edition of Jason Takes the Basement! XD