NEW DC Comics Classic Harley Quinn Vinyl Statue from Cryptozoic Unboxing! Now at SDCC 2018!

It’s more from Cryptozoic! Our awesome friends with the company sent us along their brand-new Classic Harley Quinn statue, which is designed much in their DC Bombshells design, but with a focus on the “Batman: The Animated Series” style of the character. I’ve been incredibly excited to take a look at her up close since I first caught sight of the glam shots on Twitter, and I couldn’t be more happy with how this statue came together! Check out the vid, and if you’re a Harley fan definitely check out the links in the description box to pre-order her for herself, because she is absolutely gorgeous!

Funko Vnyl for Valentine’s Day – Because There’s No I in Vynl Since They Are Always Together!

We wanted to do something a little cute for Valentine’s Day on the channel, so we decided to unbox a bunch of Funko Vynl figures! Why Vynls? Well, because as Jason says: “There’s no ‘I’ in Vynl since they’re always together!”

Yeah, he’s a dweeb, but he’s MY dweeb. 😀

These are cute little stylized vinyl figures, and today we’re showing of the Freddy & Jason pack, the Sally & Jack pack, the He-Man & TrapJaw pack, and two packs of Thundercats characters, featuring Lion-O, Mumm-ra, Cheetara, & Panthro!

Grab some Vnyl figures for yourself right here:
And right here:

Clueless Unboxing! A Full Case of Battlestar Galactica Vinyl Blind Box Figures!

Disclaimer: Jason and I know absolutely nothing about Battlestar Galactica, aside from the fact that there are robots called Cylons in it. Regardless of this fact, we did an unboxing of an entire case of Battlestar Galactica blind box Titan figures, thanks to the awesome people over at Entertainment Earth! So if you’re looking for a good chance to ridicule us…this is the video for you!