Ghostbusters Funedibles Vinyl Figures! Pizza Venkman, Stay Puft & Slimer Gelatin Unboxing

Who you gonna call? FOR LUNCH??! XD

Jason got me the full adorable set of Ghostbusters Funedibles for Christmas, and I’ve rarely laughed at a set of collectibles so much. Pizza Venkman, Lime Gelatin Treat Slimer, and Stay Puft are some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen, and that’s what makes them AWESOME. Go check it out!


Our Fav XMas Presents to Each Other! Star Wars Movie Realization Stormtrooper & TruForce MegaMan X!

Jason and I always spoil each other at Christmas, so it can be difficult to choose a favorite item among our presents for each other, but this year we each had a figure that was just too awesome not to choose! Today we’re showing them off, and they’re positively amazing. I’ve got a Yumi Ashigaru Stormtrooper from Tamashii Nations’ Movie Realization Line, and Jason has a Designer Series MegaMan X from TruForce, which we just found out also lights up! Check out the vid, and look for the links in the description box if you’re interested in picking up some awesome Star Wars and MegaMan collectibles for yourself.

Cutest Supernatural Present Ever! Qmx Plush Q-Pals and Greenlight Baby! HUGGABLE WINCHESTERS!

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have a bit of a “Boyfriend List”, and that the Supernatural boys are right at the top of that list. Luckily I have a very understanding husband who furthers my obsession by buying me awesome presents! This Christmas Jason gave me huggable Winchester Bros and a matching Castiel, along with an absolutely awesome model of Baby, the very VERY important ’67 Chevy Impala who is every bit a character of the show. I love them to DEATH, and I’m cuddling with them while writing this post. Don’t judge me. XD

NECA Aliens Action Figure Haul & Unboxing – BUBBLEGUM VS SOUR BLUE RASPBERRY!

Bubblegum Pink or Sour Blue Raspberry?! Place your bets! One winner takes all!
Seriously though, these two NECA Warrior Alien repaints are amazing – pink is based on the Alien arcade game sprite, and blue is based on the retro Kenner figure from back in the day. Both are hysterical and so much fun to play with, and could practically light up a room! Check them out!

Mystery Trade Box with The Rediscovered Nerd Part 1: The Jason Box!

More trade box goodness with Jason’s cousin Justin, The Rediscovered Nerd! This is part 1 (although because of Canada Post we’re not sure when part 2 will actually happen), which is a box of goodies aimed at Jason. It’s all awesome stuff that I can enjoy too, though, so I’m not too jealous. 😀 Check out the vid and let us know what your favorite item in the box was!