“Ineffable Holiday” 2021 Fics & 2019 Podfics!

So, if you hadn’t guessed by the fact that I’ve had no updates in nearly two weeks, I’ve been terribly busy and exhausted with work, not to mention the twelve different directions that I’ve been pulling myself in for the far-too-many projects that I keep stubbornly coming up with. That said, I am officially finished with this particular turnaround job, so it’s time for some well-deserved rest (*cough*as well as catching up*cough*)!

Firstly, I want to let everyone know that I am currently eight fics deep into my prompt list for “Ineffable Holiday 2021”. Each of the fics will be released on the consecutive days of December throughout the month, but as I finish each fic they are being shared in early-access on my Patreon and Ko-Fi accounts, so if you’re interested in reading them first, you can go check them out there!

If you’re interested in the prompt list itself (maybe doing some of your own entries?), here it is:

The list was created by myself with significant input from my fellow Ineffables on social media. It is a “Participate Whichever Way You Like Best” challenge, so if you’d like to take part, do it your way! I already know of some other writers doing fics, at least one artist doing drawings, and a multi-faceted creator doing photography using her Good Omens Funko Pops. I absolutely can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

On a similar topic, but going in a new and exciting direction, we have the podfic-ification of my 2019 holiday fics! I previously shared the first fic narration I’d done, but since then I’ve recorded and uploaded four more, with one of them being my first attempt at narrating something with NSFW themes. I’ve been having a load of fun, despite all the snorting and giggling that occurred during the explicit one, and I really hope you’ll check them out! Click on the image below to go right to the YouTube page. :3

So now that I’ve got you all caught up on what I’ve been doing in my (scant) free time, I’ll thank you to wish me luck while I run off and try to get lots more done! Cheers everyone! The holidays are rapidly coming upon us!

Plans & Goals 2021: Week 34

Happy Monday, my loves!

Can you believe that the summer is practically over? I’m having a hard time dealing with it, myself. Not to say that I haven’t had a great summer overall, but it certainly feels as though I blinked and it was over. 😦 The kid will be returning to school next week, and I’m going to be putting a hard drive on to find some work for the Fall, and it all just feels a little bit melancholy.

That said, I do enjoy Fall… It gets a little cooler, so I’m not sweating to death and having trouble sleeping at night. There are tons of awesome treats (yeah, I know it’s basic, but I adore pumpkin-spice sweets). Halloween comes along, so we get to be even more obsessed with horror than usual. It’s just a good time overall. So I suppose I can’t be too sad that summer is fading away.

Before I delve into the meat of the post, a bit of an update:

Last week I mentioned that hubby and I had something rather exciting coming up, but that I wasn’t sure how much I was allowed to share. Now I know that I can happily tell you that hubs and I will be appearing on Season Two of Action Figure Adventure! If you don’t know of it, it’s a great little docu-series that follows an avid collector travelling around in search of good deals on retro toys that he then auctions off to make money to donate to Children’s Health charities. It’s an awesome concept, and in between the toy hunting the crew intersperses interviews with collectors, shop owners, toy designers, and so on. For Season Two they decided to pop in to Nova Scotia, and they contacted us about being part of the interview process! Of course we were super-excited to be involved, and it finally happened this past weekend. Plus, while they had us, we also did two separate interviews to be used on their regularly occurring ‘Toy Show’, as well as another documentary focusing on old Filmation cartoons.

Long story short, it was great fun, the guys were lovely, and sometime in the future we are going to get to see our ugly mugs on an actual television show on Amazon Prime and Superchannel! How bloody cool is that? I’m all a-flutter. XD

But okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get the rest of this post going.


A big high, followed by a big low this week.

I still haven’t gotten into a new exercise program, but in the run-up to our interviews, hubby and I actually did really well concerning food. Not that we thought we were going to magically lose a bunch of weight in a week or anything, but being good and consuming lots of water definitely made a difference as far as puffiness, complexion, and energy levels. It all went rather well, truly.

Then the interview actually happened, and we went a bit overboard in the celebrations afterward. We also had cousin-in-law visiting, and spent an evening at our friends’ place for drinks and games, so suffice it to say that there was a full weekend of over-indulgence. Lots of alcohol, lots of junky food, very little physical movement.

Plus, when we drove cousin-in-law back home afterward, we visited my parents, who fed us fried chicken and taters, before visiting Jason’s grandmother, whose boyfriend cooked us pork chops and mashed potatoes.

Suffice it to say that by the time we got home last night we were bloated and feeling a little bit disappointed in ourselves, and had vowed to do better this week.

Wish us luck.


Let’s go with art first, because I didn’t do much, but I do still have one piece to share. Last week I shared two rough sketches that I did for ‘Draw This in Your Style’ challenges. This week I can share the completed digital lineart for one of those pieces:

I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and now I’m just dreading attempting to color it. Wish me luck! I really want to do a decent job on this one because the DTIYS challenge comes from one of my favorite artists on Twitter/Instagram. ❤

Moving into the writing side of things, I’m quite pleased to be able to tell you that I did, in fact, beat my Pacemaker.press goal for the week. Huzzah! Pacemaker wanted me to write 13,261 words, and I managed to go a fair bit above that with 14,535 words. The majority of the writing was spread across ‘The Prince’s Consort’ (which is rapidly approaching completion!) and a new idea I had that is tentatively titled ‘Angels and Demons’. The words were really flowing all week, let me tell you, and I honestly think I would have written quite a bit more if it hadn’t been for all the travelling and celebrating we did over the course of the weekend. It certainly gives me hope for this week, which should be quite a lot quieter. Pacemaker has set me another pretty steep goal, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I manage to be as productive as I was last week.


I mean, if you really want to get technical about it, I had three straight days of down-time as a result of all the drinking and gaming and what-not. Just sayin’. But if we want to go into a littl emore detail…

Yeah. Nope. Still no proper books. THAT SAID, I did read a couple of excellent fics that had me hooked from the get-go. One is called ‘Wednesday’, and is basically Crowley in a ‘Groundhog’s Day’ situation, in which a demon version of Aziraphale keeps killing him over and over again. The other is called ‘You’ve Got Kudos’, and is a very meta story in which Aziraphale discovers that an entire fandom has sprung up around a book and show based on his own life, and subsequently starts writing fanfiction as a way to express his explicit desires around Crowley. Both stories were extremely cute, with lots of humor and softness, and I definitely recommend them.

I went a bit light on games this past week, simply because there was a lot going on. I did give a try to ‘Hades’, which hubby had recently bought and was having a blast with. It’s quite fun, but I haven’t gotten back into it yet because, again, I’ve had a lot going on.
I also played a few songs in ‘Guitar Hero: World Tour’ after getting the X-Box 360 added to the conglomeration in the retro-gaming area of the house. It made me remember how fun those games can be, so I definitely see me doing some more of that in the near future.
That’s it for video games, but we also played a few board/card games over the course of the weekend, which is always good fun. ‘Blokus’ has become a favorite of mine, and ‘Five Crowns’ always serves to devolve into a lot of playful swearing at one another. The Batman version of ‘Love Letter’ is also excellent, especially when my 10-year-old child is successfully bluffing her way to a win. It never gets old!

The obsession of the moment has been ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’. Hubby and I came across this anime way back in high school, and it was one of those ones that you couldn’t help but fall in love with…despite the fact that it’s so out in left field that you end up feeling like your head is going to explode by the end. So much is SUPER vague, and it’s ostensibly based on the creator’s mental health problems, which makes for a real brain-twister of a plot, particularly coming on the end.
What happened later on, though, is that the creator basically remade the series into a group of movies with roughly the same plot but some major differences made along the way. Last week we watched three of the four movies, and we’ve definitely been enjoying them despite some really rather extreme changes. We’re probably going to be watching the fourth tonight, and I’m really hoping for it to make a bit more sense then the end of the original series. I’m all for leaving some stuff to the imagination, but you have no idea unless you’ve watched the original series…it’s just…mind-melting.

And that, my friends, was basically the last update of the summer. When I speak to you again next week it will be September and the kid will be ‘enjoying’ the first day of school. Here’s hoping for a fun and fanciful Fall, because the past two years have been a real pain in the arse and I’m ready for some levity. How about you?

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

Plans & Goals 2021: Week 33

Ladies and gentlefolk, do you know what is a recipe for disaster?

A 40th birthday party. A 40th birthday party is a recipe for disaster. And I say that in the most loving, enjoyable way possible.

This past weekend was my eldest cousin’s (on my mother’s side) birthday party, and I was obviously going to attend. It was a good time, and as these things often do, it alluded itself to a rather magnificent hangover. Not the worst one I’ve ever had – my guts stayed firmly inside my body this time around – but certainly not the easiest morning-after I’ve had. But, I suppose, if you can’t make yourself violently ill in honor of you and the people you grew up with storming ever closer toward old age, what’s the point, right? Right.

In other news, the kid got the splint off her hand, and all is looking well. She had no pain making a fist, so she was declared good to go, although she was encouraged to stay away from anything high-impact for another three weeks while the bones continue to fuse. I don’t see that being a big problem since the two main things she wanted to do upon regaining use of her hand was to draw and play video games.

In other, other news, hubby and I will be doing something rather exciting in a few days from now. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I don’t know how much I’m really allowed to share, but suffice it to say that it involves being interviewed for not one, but two documentaries that will eventually be aired on actual television channels. Obviously we’re incredibly nervous and excited! Given the topics we’ll be discussing, it should be a ton of fun. Wish us luck!

And now that I’ve gone on a little bit, here are the deeds of the day (i.e. what happened last week):


I’m not even sure what to say about this, to be honest…

Okay, so, dealing with the negative side of things first, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done any proper exercise since I finished the ‘Morning Meltdown 100’ program. I mean, I’ve gone for a few walks, a few swims…but that’s pretty much it. I have yet to return to an actual exercise program, and I can already tell that it’s affecting me negatively. I really have to get back into something, but I’ve just been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to convince myself to dedicate to anything. That’s no excuse, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

On the eating side of things, it’s actually a more positive outlook. After a few weeks in a row of being rather awful, I’ve more or less gotten my bad habits back under control. I’ve been eating a lot of fruit, restricting my portions to more reasonable ones, and have been doing a pretty good job of keeping myself from snacking at ridiculous times of night. Mind you, I could have done with a little more snacking on the night of the 40th birthday party, in order to space out the alcohol, but, uh…yeah. lol

On a related note, it’s really too bad that watermelon is normally so blood expensive, because it really satiates me for a lot longer than might sound normal.


You’re not going to believe it! I actually have art news to share this week!

I decided to try returning to the lofty origins of pencil-and-paper drawing to see if it would spark anything, and I ended up with two half-decent first drafts of ‘draw this in your style’ challenges that I should be able to digitize and fix up. The first was a challenge from an Instagram user who I, to be honest, don’t really know:

And the second is a challenge from ‘ObaGams’, who is one of my favorite fan-artists out there right now. I adore her versions of Aziraphale and Crowley, so I couldn’t resist trying my hand at this cute movie-theatre scene she provided:

I started digitizing the second one right away, but I didn’t get very far yet because by then my wrist was getting a little sore. While I’m here, though, I may as well share it:

I’m pretty pleased with it so far! A bit more cartoon-y than the kind of stuff I’ve been drawing in recent days, but don’t they look adorable? XD

Moving on to the writing side of things, I have to admit that I did not hit my Pacemaker.press goal for last week, though I’m not exactly disappointed with what I did pull off. Pacemaker wanted me to write 14,882 words, and by the end of the week I’d managed to pull off 12,567. Bit of a discrepancy between those numbers, but you definitely can’t be too upset with over 12k words. Honestly, the only reason that I didn’t get to the goal-point is because of the dangerous birthday party I keep bringing up. 😛

Most of what I wrote last week was for ‘The Prince’s Consort’, which is getting closer and closer to being complete. I’m on a bit of a role at the moment, which has been great for motivation. This proves to be my longest fic yet, as well. The published chapters currently add up to a little over 70k words, and I have eight unpublished chapters plus a handful of unwritten chapters yet to go. In fact, now that I’m really looking at the numbers, this may turn out to be my first fic that hits a word count of over 100k! Crazy-sauce!

Something else that I worked on last week, however, was a collaboration with one of my favorite fic-writers, AppleSeeds. She wrote an adorable fic, Angelic Whispers in which ASMR YouTube star Crowley, and ASMR Spa employee Aziraphale meet up and do a collaboration video, resulting in falling in love, of course. I ‘lamented’ that the story ends before getting to the sexy bits, so she suggested a collaboration-follow-up! Thus, Demonic Whispers was born, and I’m quite pleased with it. ^_^

On a note related to both art and writing, after getting a pretty good response to my ‘interest check’ on social media, I’ve decided to start formatting my finished novel-length fics as e-books, complete with cover art by yours truly. The art side of things is going to take some time and effort, but it should also be fun, and I love the idea of seeing my fics ‘published’. Wish me luck!


I’m going to start with video-games this week, just for fun. 😛

Firstly, I did continue along with a bit more ‘Pokemon Snap’. Nothing really to say about it; just that I am continuing to enjoy the relaxing cuteness of it.

Secondly, hubby has been playing ‘Arkham Asylum’ and ‘Arkham City’ recently, and I just wanted to mention that I find it amazing how well those two games hold up after all this time. I mean, I know that what he downloaded were the upgrades, but even still, that’s just graphical…the gameplay itself is just as it was in the PS3 era, and yet the games are still absolutely astounding.

Thirdly, I finished ‘Little Nightmares 2’ the other day. Fun, if infuriating, with a great storyline (which is saying something since there’s absolutely no dialogue). That said, I just wanted to mention…for a game that’s marketed more toward a younger audience…the plot is goddamn dark. Like…fuck. If you never have any intention of playing the games, I encourage you to read up on the lore just to see how goddamn dark it is. Sheesh.

You already know what I’m going to say about reading, soooo…let’s just skip it for this week, shall we?

WATCHING! Uh…what have we been watching lately? I really have to start scribbling this stuff down somewhere so I remember it later…

Well, we’ve been continuing to watch ‘IT Crowd’ with the kid, which never fails to please. And we’ve also been re-watching the ‘Angry Video-Game Nerd’ episodes at bedtime, because no matter how old we get the pathetically immature humor remains gigglishly, foolishly wonderful. (Gotta stay young, right?)

We also watched the ‘Demon Slayer’ movie last week, and were thoroughly pleased by it. Basically it’s just a really long episode of the show, but it also had an emotionally devastating ending that I totally would have cried over if I hadn’t been fighting it back on account of hubby and kid being heartless torments. 😛

I feel like I might be missing something somewhere, but I might just be misremembering because it was a busy week, so we’ll just end it there for now.

And I shall close out this post by stating that I can’t believe the summer is almost over. I need to either learn how to more efficiently use my time, or how to exist on significantly less sleep, because fuck if I managed to do even a quarter of the things I intended to have done this summer. 😛

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

“The Prince’s Consort” – Chapter 15 [A Good Omens AU]

The spark has been struck, my darlings, and it’s time for the fire to burn

Which is to say, it’s time for this fic to start earning its rating, don’t you think? ❤

Enjoy, my loves!

Plans & Goals 2021: Week 30

Holy hell, you guys, are we really 30 weeks into 2021? How did that just sneak up on me? I mean, I know that we’re halfway through summer, therefore more than halfway through the year, but something about the number 30 makes me feel like a whole bunch of time just vanished all of a sudden. On the plus side, the passage of time brings us further and further from the year 2020, so that’s nice.

Since I was so late with last week’s post I don’t really have much of anything to say for the opening to this week’s post. No more bones were broken, Canada won some medals, drinks were had with friends, and hubby and I continued to put a bunch of stuff up for sale on Ebay, Kijiji, and the buy-and-sells. That pretty much covers it all, really, so let’s go ahead and get into the meat of things, shall we?


Starting out with the biggest point of the week, concerning health: I’ve officially completed the ‘Morning Meltdown 100’ program! I’m super-proud of myself for pulling off so many exercises in a row, especially considering that I did the fast-tracked program, which meant an hour of working out every day. I’ll be totally honest and say that I didn’t end up seeing a whole lot of results when it comes to body measurements, but I’m still more than pleased with myself for pulling the program off at all. I’ve definitely built some muscle, and well-prepared myself for any future programs that I decided to try out. I seriously considered going back and doing the ‘MM100’ program all over again, but I prefer to mix things up in order to keep myself interested. I’m thinking that I might try the ‘#MBF’ program next; it stands for ‘muscle burns fat’, and is only a three-week program (followed by an optional additional three weeks of more advanced exercises). Barring that, I’m considering going back to try the ‘Core de Force’ program again. Either way, I’m taking this week off, both as a break after ‘MM100’, and also as a bit of preemptive maintenance on my stress levels, considering I’m going to be having overnight company tonight, and then be spending three days later in the week with hubby’s whole family.

Regarding those results I mentioned earlier… Let me first say that I wish I had a more accurate way of taking all these measurements. I feel like, in some cases, I’m mis-measuring and then confusing myself later. That said, I’m moderately confident that I lost between 1 and 2 inches on my waist, gained about half an inch on each of my biceps, and theoretically gained an inch in the chest…which I would be doubtful of if it weren’t for the fact that my bras have been feeling fairly tight. As for weight, however, I only ended up staying down by about 6 lbs. That’s not precisely bad for a two-month span, but I definitely hoped for an expected more, considering how much work I was putting in.

The main issue, of course, has been food. My willpower has definitely been waning, especially with all the summer treats, and get-togethers, and alcohol, and so on and so forth. It’s just too hard not to indulge! And I know I have no one to blame but myself for giving in, but it’s especially difficult when everyone around you is overindulging all the time.

What I need is someone whose sole responsibility is to purchase, prepare, and feed me my food, and refuse to give me anything that I’m not allowed to have. Anyone want to apply for that position?


Well, right off the bat, I’ve got absolutely nothing to report when it comes to art. I just didn’t have the time to really sit down and work on anything, not even the stuff I had partially done. I’m hoping to find some time this week, but I’m not holding my breath because we have quite a bit going on this week. I might start carrying a sketchbook around with me, just so I can maybe get some rough drafts of things done, at the very least.

On the writing side of things, I can’t honestly say that my report is impressive or anything, but at least I managed to just barely squeak by my Pacemaker.press goal this time around. Pacemaker wanted me to write 6747 words, and I just managed to sneak by the goal-line at 6756 words. Not my most victorious week, but I’d been getting a bit perturbed by the regular failures to hit that number, so I feel good about that anyway.

What have I been writing recently? Well, to be honest, I’m having one of those periods where my brain is all over the bloody place and I’m writing bits and pieces of everything without really getting any major quantity out on any one thing. It’s not a great way to work, but I suppose at least I can say that I managed to get one small project done this week. A friend and fellow ‘Good Omens’ fanatic wrote a cute little fic called ‘Do Not Disturb‘, which the book club and I all enjoyed quite a lot. This particularly lovely lady isn’t big on writing smutty scenes, however, though she enjoys reading them. Cue your friendly neighborhood completely-shameless Tracey. I took the story from the ‘fade to black’ moment, and wrote what happened behind that cut. I’m quite pleased with the result, and will be sharing it to my Patreon later, to ultimately be added to AO3 as a gift to the aforementioned friend. ^_^ If you’re interested, definitely keep an eye out!

And while we’re still talking about writing… You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned ‘The Other World: Book Three’ for a while now. I’ll admit that the main reason is the most obvious one, but I promise that I’ve been doing a lot of mental planning. I’e got several important scenes worked out in my head, and have come up with a handful of new ideas that will flesh out the story in what I think are positive ways. I’m planning to put some work into it this weekend when I’m surrounded by hubby’s family, because I obviously don’t want to be working on smut when there’s the chance of my neice or one of my inlaws peering over my shoulder at any time. @_@



Yeah, you know what’s coming. Once again I managed to go an entire week without so much as looking at a proper book. My shelves weep. My comics glare. My many, many unread novels curse my name.

That said, I refuse to feel bad because what I did read was a novel-length fanfiction that I am now going to tell you about because it was positively fantastic in every sense of the word. Yes it was a ‘Good Omens’ fic, and yes it had a bit of smut in it (how do you think I can across it? :P) but I’m telling you right now that the writing was amazing, and this story could absolutely be a proper, published novel if the author changed enough to avoid lawsuits. It’s called “Lunacy“, and it’s a sci-fi horror story based on one of Pluto’s moons. The general plot is that there’s a small crew of miners on the moon, with Crowley being the crew captain and Aziraphale a geological scientist there to monitor the moon’s structure to avoid any catastrophes. Of course, a catastrophe occurs regardless, but it’s not so much geological as it is supernatural and psychological. The whole thing is incredibly tense, genuinely terrifying in parts, and of course terribly romantic and emotional. Not gonna lie: I had to choke back a few tears in certain places. It’s really, absolutely worth the read, assuming that you’re not uncomfortable with the occasional sex scene.


As the Olympics have been petering out, we’ve been shifting our ‘watching’ to other things again. Hubby and I have gotten back into the most recent season of ‘Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure’, which continues to live up to the ‘bizarre’ bit and is almost hysterically homo-erotic. We’ve also been slowly continuing ‘Godzilla: Singular Point’, which really is a rather odd take on the kaiju mythos. At least Godzilla himself has finally shown up, but he’s…strange. There’s not really any other way to explain it. The whole show is an extremely odd conglomeration of pseudo-science and absolutely bat-shit-insane made-up mathematics. There’s really no way to properly describe it; you just kinda have to watch it and have your own head explode.

We’ve also been watching a fair number of movies recently. ‘Wrath of Man’ was a Jason Statham-infused murder-fest with a really interesting concept for a plot. Basically a mob boss joins the good guys in order to track down the people who unknowingly murdered his son. If you enjoy Jason Statham being Jason Statham, you’ll enjoy this one.

‘Willy’s Wonderland’, on the other hand, is mostly hysterical, but in a good way. The plot is, to be quite blunt about it, ‘Nicolas Cage VS Five Nights at Freddy’s’, and it’s just as amazing as it sounds. The more of the ‘plot’ that is revealed, the more gut-burstingly ridiculous the whole thing is, but the important bit is Nic’s character, who never speaks and cleans up the possessed attraction in more ways than one. It’s foolish and brainless, and fun, especially if you’re a Nic Cage fan.

‘Inside’ is an experimental ‘comedy’ special by Bo Burnham that kinda defies explanation. Basically, during lock-down, he decided to try creating a special entirely within the small studio space that he closed himself up in. It’s a musical, and it starts out hysterical, but gets more and more morose as it goes on, until you start really feeling the numerous different kinds of depression spiking out from every direction. This is a must-see, especially for anyone who has ever experienced creator-burnout, or who had a really rough time during Covid restrictions. You’ll feel SEEN by the end of it, believe me.

And then there were the various random old flicks we’ve had running on Tubi whenever we don’t know what to watch. There were several of them this week, but the most recent one that sticks in my head is called ‘Cannibal Ferrox’. It’s an 80’s film that features a character named Gloria working to prove that cannibalism is a myth, that it doesn’t truly exist. Suffice it to say that she’s proven wrong. The flick is older and the special effects not nearly as polished as they would be even a decade later, but regardless, it’s a pretty horrifying and disgusting display, if you’re into that kind of thing. o_o


You know, I don’t think I touched a video game all week. We managed to figure out how to adjust the controls on the kid’s ‘Pokemon Unite’ game so that she can play it herself with her broken hand, rather than asking me to do her challenges for her, and with that out of my hands I haven’t really moved on to anything else. Other than the occasional bit of ‘Pokemon Go’, of course. I’d like to get back into ‘Pokemon Snap’ this week, though, because they recently announced a free update that adds three new stages and a whole bunch of new Pokemon to photograph. And it’s just such an incredibly relaxing game!

We did do some more board-gaming with our friends, most notably an extended session of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ that made for some excellent (and disturbed) laughs throughout the night. They also taught us how to play ‘Ticket to Ride’, which I thought was pretty fun and definitely wouldn’t mind playing again. And then, of course, there’s always that Crokanole (still not sure on the spelling) game, which is just a blast because of how bad we can all be at it.

And so week 30 comes to a close while I sit here wondering where the year is going. Here’s to hoping that the rest of the year is productive, but uneventful. 😛

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤