Unboxing 7 Threads Boxes!!!

And here, my friends, is where things just got ridiculous! By the time we’d worked out all the kinks and figured out the editing process again, we had a backlog of SEVEN – count ’em, SEVEN! – Threads boxes waiting to be opened! That’s an entire new wardrobe for Jason and a whole shelf of books for me! What a haul!

Check out the vid for some fun shirts and books, and be sure to let us know which of each were your favorites!

Unboxing 2 More My Geek Boxes!

Hold up just a minute there! Didn’t we just unbox five of these things in the last video?! Well yes, yes we did. But you see, being gone for half a year, combined with a new computer and new software meant that editing those first two videos took an exceptionally long time. And by the time that actually finally got finished, there were two more My Geek Box boxes waiting to be unboxed! Luckily the whole process sped up quite a bit after this. 😛

Once you’ve watched the video don’t forget to let us know which box you liked more and which item was your favorite!

Unboxing 5 Months of My Geek Box!

Continuing on with the “Catching Up” videos, our second vid back from the deep, dark ether was the unboxing of FIVE My Geek Box boxes. There was a wide variety of fun stuff across these five boxes, so be sure to let us know (after you watch the vid, of course) which box you thought was the best and which overall item you liked the most!

Unboxing 2 Months of Zanini Box!

We spent so much time away from YouTube that it was definitely starting to feel as though we would never actually come back… But every day is a new opportunity, and on one of those days we finally sat down and said, “Let’s do this thing!

Our first video back after being gone for approximately half a year was the unboxing (un-envelope-ing?) of two Zanini Box packages, and we even made a bit of a game of it! Check out the vid and let us know which one of us you think got the best pins! Don’t forget to also tell us which overall pin was your favorite!

Blind Box Bonanza!

It’s an early Christmas in the Tobin household as the whole family comes together to devour a table full of blind boxes! We’ve got everything from Sailor Moon to Universal Monsters, and items from a variety of different toy-makers. Which pulls will we get? You’ll have to watch to find out! Then dive down to the comments section to let us know which ones were your favorites!