Unboxing July’s Threads Box!

I’m telling you…it’s almost as if the postal service is screwing with us, because every time we manage to unbox, film, edit, and post a subscription box video, we end up getting another one of those specific subscription boxes in the mail, like…the next day. Like clockwork. lol

But never mind that! Today we’ve got another Threads box unboxing for you guys, and we’re going to SHOW YOU WHAT WE’VE GOT (bad joke intended)! Check out the vid and let us know what you thought of July’s box! What do you think of the shirt? The book(s)? Want to try Threads for yourself? Check out the link/code in the vid’s description box to get half off your first purchase!

Unboxing! Zavvi Threads Monthly Subscription Box

We’ve previously done unboxings of Zavvi’s geeky subscription box, ZBox. But now there’s another! “Threads” by ZBox is an offshoot service that focuses on wearables and readables. Each box contains a licensed shirt and either a book or a graphic novel, both for just £10. A heck of a deal, in my opinion!

Zavvi asked me if I’d like to check out this service, and I heartily agreed because I love reading, and I love geeky clothes. It’s a perfect fit! Take a look at my vid to see what it’s all about, and if you’re interested click the link in the description box to get half off your first box!