“To Be Devoured” – A Patreon Exclusive from the World of “Nowhere to Hide”

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Since I first started up my Patreon I toyed with the idea of writing short stories that come from the worlds of my published books. Previously I’d written a short featuring Tori and Jacob from “The Other World“, which was fun but also very non-canon-compliant. This new short, titled “To Be Devoured” comes from the world of “Nowhere to Hide” and is very much canon. It features a closer look at what happened behind the scenes of the news broadcast from the opening chapter of the book, and I rather enjoyed writing it, so please check it out!

Dream Log – March 25 2018 – Zombies and Fast Food Fury


I had an extremely stressful dream last night.

I don’t remember a ton of details, but it starts with a dream I’ve had previously, in which I was part of some kind of military group who sailed down a jungle river and saved a bunch of villagers from an evil dictator. It was rather epic.

In this dream I was getting back together with that group and we were going back out for another mission. For some ungodly reason one of the men on the crew was bringing his daughter – who was about 12 – with us, and her mother was tasking me with protecting her. We met up with them in a mall parking lot at night, and I retrieved the girl from her mother before the two of us walked across the lot to a limo that was going to take us to the seaport. The limo was like a TARDIS – bigger on the inside, with more seats across than a double-wide bus.

I don’t remember actually traveling anywhere, but the next thing we were on some kind of island, and we were running from monsters like zombies. This is where my comprehension of the situation gets a little suspect, because they were like zombies but somehow not quite. They were definitely originally humans, who now wanted to bite and rip us apart, but for whatever reason they just didn’t seem like zombies in my mind. That’s not to say that I wasn’t terrified of them, because I definitely was.

I remember my team and I sprinting for a cruise ship that was boarding, thinking that we’d get on board and escape to sea, but somehow we were blocked from being able to run up the ramp and we had to take off toward the jungle instead. Meanwhile there were tons of people everywhere, but they didn’t seem to notice the zombies, and similarly the zombies didn’t go after them either. Where my crew went, so did the danger.

My memory gets a little fuzzy, but I remember picking my way through the jungle alone, and avoiding the zombies with a number of little tricks. They didn’t seem to be able to see you if you were covered in mud and leaves (Predator, much?), and also didn’t seem to notice you if you stood absolutely still (Jurassic Park tyrannosaurus?). At one point I was hiding between some trees, covered in leaves and mud, when all of a sudden Doctor Grant from Jurassic Park was with me, hissing at me to stay perfectly still. I’d tried to scramble up a hill and was on my hands and knees, but I stopped exactly as I was and stayed there, as still as I could, not even breathing, as a zombie approached me. This is one of my strongest memories from the dream because I remember being absolutely scared stupid, as a zombie crawled toward me, and actually began to crawl over me, all while I was trying not to move even a millimeter. I remember trying so hard not to breathe, but I couldn’t quite manage it, and was in tears thinking that the zombie was going to feel my breaths and chomp down on the back of my head.

I must have survived the encounter, because the next thing I can remember is that myself and a few other people were in this mansion-like house, trying to find places to hide, and failing utterly. The entire complex was like this strange maze, with hallways that went off in every direction, bedrooms leading into other bedrooms, leading into storage rooms, leading into nothing, and all kinds of weird nonsense. I was running around like a lunatic, hiding behind beds, locking myself in bathrooms, and so forth, but somehow the zombies would always find me and I’d have to go sprinting off in another direction. It was sometime around this point that it became evident that the zombies had a leader, of sorts. I know there was something special about her – she was a member of our crew previously, or something like that – but what’s important is that she was also one of these zombie creatures, but was entirely lucid, totally in control of her own mind, and seemed to have the power to control the others. More than anything else that happened before this, I was absolutely terrified of her, and I can remember imagining what she was going to do to me if I let her catch me.

Somehow or other I eventually managed to find some kind of a garage, which actually opened back up to the outside, and I took off into the jungle again.

The rest of the dream is very jumbled. I remember more to do with the zombies, and I recall a bunch of my crew and I jammed in a trailer, hiding together, but a fight broke out. I think I remember something about someone being able to be cured of a deadly bite, and at one point a bunch of us were running for our lives on a beach.

But there was one other thing that happened that I can remember that made no sense in the context of the rest of the dream.

I was in a fast food place. It had a really weird set-up, with the kitchen up against one wall, but the ordering station at an enclosed island in the center of the restaurant. There was a guy in the island taking orders, but there was also a woman going around with a tablet that let you input your order while you waited in line so that you could just pay when you got to the front and be done. At first it all seemed fairly organized, but the woman directly in front of me seemed bewildered by the tablet and ended up holding me up for a while as people poured in behind me As I waited the restaurant got busier and busier, with the line growing and growing behind me, and all the time I was watching my husband and his family in a fair corner, eating away, enjoying their meal, and getting closer and closer to finishing. By the time I got to the front of the line the guy who was manning the cash register wandered off for what felt like forever, and even after he came back he didn’t actually come back to the register. He stood off to the side for a while, chatting with coworkers, then he was playing on his phone for a while, and just in general he wasn’t working at all. As I waited I got angrier and angrier and angrier until I just exploded and started screaming like a lunatic. The cashier was totally calm and unconcerned and didn’t seem to give two shakes of a rat’s ass about what I was saying. I was ranting and raving about how I’d been waiting forever, and how this cashier was a complete ass without the slightest concern for customers, and how I’d now lost the opportunity to have my meal with my in-laws because they’d since finished their food, and I was just screaming and screaming. A manager came out to talk to me, and the cashier, still totally unconcerned, showed up with some food in a bag for me, but I was still just screaming and screaming, totally and utterly enraged with how I’d been treated.

(I suspect that part of the dream may have been just a little bit of wish fulfillment :P)

So those were my two dreams from last night, give or take a few dozen minor details. Any thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? Feel free to share in the comment section below, and also feel free to tell me what you think of dreams in general, what you think their purpose might be, and fell free to share some of your own! Cheers!

‘Nowhere to Hide’ Only $0.99 Until Halloween!

Some people roll their eyes when Halloween addicts begin talking about the holiday in September, but in the Tobin household we bounce on our heels and giggle like fools waiting for the witching hour to come upon us. It’s for this reason that I found myself completely unable to wait until October to roll out this deal, so from now until midnight on Halloween, Nowhere to Hide is only $0.99 on e-book! There’s no better time to check it out! I mean, what can you buy for a dollar, really? You can’t even get a coffee for that! So please check it out, and of course don’t forget to leave a rating/review on Amazon once you have! It does a great deal toward bumping the book up in search results, as well as convincing prospective readers to give the book a chance. Plus it makes you one of my favorite people ever! 😀

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Enjoy the early treat, everyone! (Tricks to come. ^_~)

An Author Honor – Being Read in a Book Club

I’ll admit that, most days, I still find it hard to consider myself a “real” author. It’s a combination of being self-published (which, despite attempts at the contrary, still makes me consider myself to be an amateur) and the fact that my sales are mind-blowingly abysmal. I shouldn’t harbor such thoughts – I wrote TWO GODDAMN BOOKS, DAMMIT, and that makes me an author! – but it’s very difficult, and I hardly think that I’m the only self-published author to feel that way, so I give myself a break.

That said, every so often something happens that really does make me feel like a “real” author, and one of those things happened throughout the month of July. You see, over at the Basement Geeks Facebook Group, two of our most active members decided to start up a “Basement Geeks Book Club”. I thought it was a great idea, and joined up right away, myself, but I wasn’t expecting what happened next, because there was a poll set up to decide which book the group would read first, and the book they chose…was Nowhere to Hide.

It wasn’t a huge book club or anything – less than ten people were actually reading – but, to be honest, it was kind of a huge deal to me. It felt wonderful, not only because they chose my book, but because I got to be a part of the process. The members discussed the chapters they’d read weekly, and I got to be there, joining in the conversation, fielding questions, and seeing what people really, truly thought. There were a few constructive criticisms, some awesome reactions, and a surprising amount of praise that all just made me feel warm and fuzzy and happy inside. My favorite part? The way everyone agreed on how I was able to really hammer them emotionally. No individual comment or review has ever made me truly feel like I’m doing something right, like I’m accomplishing what I set out to do when I imagine and reimagine my scenes over and over again.

It made me feel like I’m not only a “real” author, but also a good one. And I can’t describe how that makes me feel.

So thank you, Basement Geeks Book Club. You have no idea how great you made me feel just by sitting down to discuss a book.